Evening Commerce College


Our Vision

The Institute will be dynamic partner by bridging potenital with opportunities for educational, professional and personal growth and will strive empowerment over entitlement. And shaping a better future for mankind by developing effective and socially responsible individuals and organization.

To contribute generating resources and and means for betterment of humanity through quality educational services, active participation in community services and establishment of institution to sensitize all stakeholders towards " Inclusive India, Progressive India."


  1. To improve the knowledge in commerce education through quality teaching.
  2. To provide skill full knowledge which will enable the student to achieve success.
  3. To mould the curricula according to the requirement of the present age.
  4. To promote education for all & all for education.
  5. To promote the role of education for society and nation integration.
  6. To develop qualities of leadership, self-confidence, self­disciplines, time management, social senses, and human potentialities for good citizen.
  7. To establish academic links, and scientific cooperation with the corporate world and market trends.
  8. To emphasis interdisciplinary research.

Special Features

  1. Quality Consciousness in Teaching & Learning Advantage of Eco-Friendly Educational Atmosphere Computer Lab Focus on Weak Student.
  2. Students Health Centre Facilities on Campus Qualified Experienced Lecturers Help Desk Facility on All Working Days Well Stocked & Comprehensive Library Language Lab.
  3. Sports and recreational activities with best equipment for indoor- outdoor games.
  4. All classrooms with local communication speakers system and projectors.
  5. ITC used in teaching process.
  6. All classes and campus fully surveillance under CCTV cameras.
  7. Fully equipped multimedia hall.
  8. Girls room
  9. Boys and girls hostel facilities in campus.
  10. First aid and Wheelchair availability for emergency.